You can ensure that no family fights and misunderstandings will occur when you are no longer alive when you put in place a proper plan of how your property should be handled. You will need to help of estate planning attorneyto navigate the complicated legal conditions that surround estate planning. You will need to know want makes a good estate plan.


A good plan has various characteristics. It normally includes a will, a power of Real Estate lawyergiven to a family member you trust, and a living will that handles the medical concerns in case you are incapacitated. There are different laws governing these provisions with each region. It is important to get legal counsel on such matters.

Your will carries a lot of significance. It is what will state the correct portions of each asset your family members will get. It also appoints guardians for minors. In the absence of a will, there shall be a lot of issues for the family members to handle, which may turn out to be very expensive. When you get an attorney involved, you can come up with a will that will see to it that the sum of your wealth is distributed to your intended recipients, with no room for any fights or contests.


You need to compile a detailed list of what you own. Most people think that such an exercise is only for the rich, which is not true. Whatever you own will have to be calculated, factored in and portioned out to the various loved ones you have.


There is also the provision of trusts. People also assume this is a provision for the rich, which is also not true. These provisions can safeguard your loved ones from creditors, lawsuits and probate issues. Those who you leave the trust to, especially the young ones, may have their taxes reduced.


Most people leave all their funds to their spouses. This is normally not the best decision to make. When some of it is left for the children, there shall be a reduced tax imposed on them. Through an estate planning attorney, such a plan can be devised.


You can also make charitable donations. This can be arranged with the help of an estate planning attorney. Without such a plan beforehand, it will be impossible to achieve this.



Through the assistance of a reputable estate planning attorney, your wealth can be distributed well to your surviving loved ones in a way that will guarantee no stress or contest when you are gone. Make efforts to plan now, so that the future will have less trouble for those you love.